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  • Grateful


    Todays blog post was totally inspired by  Van Morrison<- Click Here . Call me an old soul and a Country girl because that is exactly who I am. This past weekend during one of our adventures, there was a live band playing our wedding song. A reminder and sign from up above. Take life day by day. […]

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  • The Greatest!!!


    Please click HERE for some Motivational vibes while reading my latest blog post!! Repeat after me: I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!!!! The sky is NOT the limit, you are your only limit!! If you can visualize it, you can make it happen. This world is filled with so much beauty and possibility and we were all sent […]

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  • Fall-ing in love with you Fall!


    Please click  HERE for your reading pleasure… Fall is here which means we have the baking fever Y’all!!!! LOL.. We are pretty much every type of season people. Autumn, well it just sparks something in our soul.. Today I’m sharing our Scones recipe which I scored at pinterest.. We like to try new recipes and this […]